Animación á lectura

Animación á lectura

A biblioteca é a máis democrática das institucións, porque ninguén en absoluto pode dicirnos qué ler, cando nin cómo.Doris Lessing



by John Escott

One cold winter morning, a famous movie star and her teenage daughter are driving along a country road...A bue van is waiting for them. Tom is in the van, but he is not a kidnapper - he is an artist. He usually draws pictures for adventures stories. Now he is in a real life adventure.

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Gerardo dixo...

This book treats on a history of kidnappings, this very well and I recommend to read it, it is very enterteining, the history seems to be bad but in last instance everything ends well. Good I do not say it to him.

Anónimo dixo...

My colleague's comment is true. It is advisable to read this book because it is full of intrigue and mistery. I love it.

Tatiana 2ºA

Anónimo dixo...

Yes, the story of kidnappers is very interesting.

Natalia Alonso 2ºB

Anónimo dixo...

This book is very interesting.

Alba Seoane 2ºA

Natalia Alonso 2ºB dixo...

The film of Mulan is very funny and the book too. The story of Mulan in the war and her audacity are great. It 's a really great book.